Janathon – Day 11

OK so I can’t quite believe I’m still here either. 11 down, 20 to go. More than 1/3 of the way through. And it is mostly down to the encouragement of fellow Janathoners (is that how we describe ourselves?)

IMG_1405Today was set to be an epic failure. I had to take a funeral this morning, which isn’t unusual, it comes with the turf, but afterwards I was in great need of coffee and cake.  And by the time I had downed this little lot, I didn’t have time to run in the sun before the next deadline. So I ran when I got home tonight instead. It was cold, it was dark, it was hard work, and although I got further up the hill, I still walked the last bit instead of running. On the other hand I missed the end of the last running interval, so stopped a bit late. It all evens out I guess.

So, no dog shit, even in the dark (when I say dark I mean no streetlights but plenty of headlights), two friendly cyclists (“oy, move” is better than running me over), one strange bloke standing in the dark (encountered just as a cyclist appeared, so ran past….).

Stats?  Feel a bit irrelevant today, I’m just so glad I got out there. But if you insist, total time 27:28, distance 1.81 miles, pace 15:10 min/mile. Smug? Not tonight. Not after the day I’ve had. Not knowing how the people I have met today feel tonight. I have praying to do.

Yes, I know I haven’t mentioned wine, but it is an appropriate tag for this post.



2 responses to “Janathon – Day 11

  1. Totally agree – reading about how fellow Janathoners are getting on is a real motivator. It’s a struggle to make time when our days are so full, but I think it’s one of the things that makes our runs that extra bit more rewarding 🙂

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