Day 12 – Janathon


Weather – cold, raining. But due to be freezing, dark and sleeting later, so I took the better option.

Food – Ran before lunch. Starving

Route – Cycle path then track through woods for a bit, and back.

Dogshit – lots. Avoided it all I think, although if I hadn’t, it was so wet I could have washed it off. .

Number of cyclists  – none

Number of people who said “hello” – two dog walkers, with one gorgeous German Shepherd cross.

Plan – follow Runkeepers very slow 20 minute interval plan with 5 min warm up.  90 s steady, 2 mins slow.

How was it?  really messed up with phone, so ended up doing two warm ups.  It was blooming cold, there was a lot of spray from cars, and my lungs were unimpressed. But I ran when I was supposed to – even up a hill.

Distance 1.99 miles (that feels soooo unfair!) ; Total time 30:36 min; pace 15:35. Slower pace unsurprising, because I felt like a snail, but still steady intervals all quicker than slow.

Back/hip pain – going to have to watch good knee….

Enjoyment – 5/10, much more fun going home than out, although just getting out of the front door felt like the biggest challenge. I don’t mind being rained on and soaked, as long as I know that a hot shower and dry clothes are available.

Shower – Oh, boy, that was gooooooood.

Smugness level – A reminder that the The Rev’d Claire Scale of Smugness runs from “Quite smug”, through “Quietly Smug”, “Nah Nah Na-Nah Nah”, “I’M SMUG”, “Ha in your face” to “Astronomically, Unpleasantly smug”.  Today, “Ha in your face” is about right, tempered by sympathy for those who haven’t been out yet, or have done so in far worse conditions. .

Clerical collar – not worn

One response to “Day 12 – Janathon

  1. sounds to me like you’re doing really well… my exercise today consists in running up and down stairs with armfuls of books – finally, after 6 months, we’ve got bookshelves and look like finishing unpacking all of our books – hooray!

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