Keeping focussed

I’m not old, I am the proud owner of varifocals. Numerous of my so-called friends have Imagesuggested they should hang on a gold chain around my neck, and seem to think they are indicative of my increasingly decrepit and aged frame. Some have tortured me with tales of dizziness, of inability to see, of expensive (and believe me they cost oodles of dosh) glasses abandoned in a drawer. But I am resolved. I’ve been wearing them all afternoon, to read, type and walk round the house. I am moving my head a lot, and it sometimes feels as though my eyesight is worse, not corrected. However, I am getting there. Another day or two, and I suspect they will feel natural. It’s just a matter of getting used to a different lens, a different way of looking.

Different ways of looking are good for us. It can take a leap of imagination to picture a set of circumstances from someone else’s viewpoint, but we do it all the time. As a Christian priest, I should always be looking out for God in action in lives and situations. It’s part of my job, and of my calling, and I love asking the question “where is God here?” and seeing if I can find an answer. I believe that God is always there, always. Sometimes it can be hard to see where.

I’ve got an essay to write about this process of looking for God (the churchy term is “Theological Reflection”), and I’m looking forward to thinking about how different ways of looking suit different people. We get set in our ways and patterns of thinking. I suspect I need varifocals for my brain, as well as for my eyes, just to get me looking at life differently.

13 responses to “Keeping focussed

  1. ah well… there’s one born every minute… šŸ˜‰ at my age, I think I’d decide life is too short… mind you, I _do_ like writing essays… I found a video interview with you at something called WOWchurch, whatever thatis, on Youtube yesterday…

  2. I think your posting would serve as the focus of an excellent sermon for tomorrow – “Seeing Christ differently.” (Before/after baptism. Us too??)

  3. Varifocals are BRILLIANT! I paid for the lightest weight and the widest field of view – not fashionable, but functional. I knew I needed them when I started wearing reading glasses perched on the end of my nose to read the speedometer on the car….
    Reflection is vital in order to be able to have time to peer round at events from all sides and form a better understanding. How else does one learn from one’s experiences? And to give you a chance to remember things properly. I’m barging through life at such a rate to get everything done, and then falling asleep too quickly, that I have difficulty remembering what it is I’m supposed to not forget!
    PS How do you remember how long you are meant to do what you do when you are running/jogging?

    • I’m settling into mine well, will try driving tomorrow! I use Runkeeper app on my eye phone, and a nifty arm strap thing, and headphones. Can programme intervals into app, and the horrid lady tells me what to do. Means I’m experimenting with listening to music too. Never bothered last time I did any running, because then I could programme my watch to beep! Horrid lady also records interval times, pace, distance, location etc. clever stuff.

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