Day 14 – Janathon


Weather – cold, raining a tiny bit. Or sleeting. Hard to be sure. But due to be freezing, dark and sleeting later, so I took the better option. Everywhere else seems to have snow, so counting my blessings

Food – Ran mid morning. Fine.

Route – Cycle path and back.

Dogshit -none.

Number of cyclists  – none

Number of people who said “hello” – none.  No people about.  Lovely.

Plan – follow Runkeepers 5 min warm up.  ((90 s steady, 90 s slow, 3 mins stead, 3 mins slow.)) repeat 3 times.  Did you see that? 3 minutes jogging.  That was the plan.

How was it?  Loved it. Just loved it. Did it, even the first 3 minutes up a hill (the bing to stop came just at the point where I had decided that when I reached this point I was stopping regardless.)  The cold cooled me down, so did the rain.  Loved it.

Distance 2.22 miles (did you see that?  More than 2 miles!) ; Total time 32:01 min; pace 14:26. (Did you see that pace? For me, that’s amazing!)

Back/hip pain – none, but made a point of wearing AFO for rest of day whenever walking

Enjoyment – 9/10, much more fun going home than out (that’s because it’s downhill on the way back!)

Shower – Oh, boy, that was gooooooood.

Smugness level – A reminder that the The Rev’d Claire Scale of Smugness runs from “Quite smug”, through “Quietly Smug”, “Nah Nah Na-Nah Nah”, “I’M SMUG”, “Ha in your face” to “Astronomically, Unpleasantly smug”.  Today, “Astronomically, unpleasantly smug” or, as I tweeted when I got back “More smug than a smug thing on the day of smugness”.  And I still am.  Until trying to repeat this tomorrow?

Clerical collar – not worn

Sad to see this post from lovely encouraging Paul.

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      • please note I didn’t say they’re all on shelves… actually we haven’t got sufficient shelves… although if OH prunes his dozen or so archive boxes of very old papers we’d probably just about manage… and I’ve even unpacked all my theology books which I’d left in a crate because I didn’t think I’d need them…

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