Day 15 – Janathon


Weather – cold (6 deg), bright sun

Food – Ran mid late morning. Fine.

Route – Cycle path to the motorway bridge and back. Today is my day off (full time clergy in the CofE get one day a week off, if anyone wants to make the “only work on Sunday” so-called joke, come on if you’re hard enough), so I decided to slob about watching Homes Under the Hammer until breakfast had gone down, knew I’d got plenty of time, and set myself a distance target instead of time.  Don’t be too impressed, according to Mr Google it is 1.2 miles from my house to the motorway bridge!

Dogshit -none.

Number of cyclists  – one, who thoroughly took me by surprise, but I was running well to the side of the path, so all fine.

Number of people who said “hello” – one. Lack of people when I use this track late morning is lovely

Plan – follow Runkeepers 5 min warm up.  ((90 s steady, 90 s slow, 3 mins steady, 3 mins slow.)) repeat 3 times. Walk (or stagger) the rest of the way home.

How was it?  Hard work. But I managed to run the bits I was meant to (that first 3 minute uphill is a killer, and if I get quicker I’ll have to run the really steep bit at the end – don’t fancy that one bit!) and I ran to the middle of the bridge, just because I could.

Distance 2.49 miles which I am going to announce to the world as two and a half miles.  Total time 35:16 min; pace 14:11. (That’s even quicker than yesterday – do you think I could manage 12 minute mile averages eventually?)

Back/hip pain – none, but made a point of wearing AFO for rest of day whenever walking

Enjoyment – 7/10, I am happier going down than up.  But at least it’s uphill on the way out, and mostly down on the way back.

Shower – Thank God for hot shower.

Smugness level – A reminder that the The Rev’d Claire Scale of Smugness runs from “Quite smug”, through “Quietly Smug”, “Nah Nah Na-Nah Nah”, “I’M SMUG”, “Ha in your face” to “Astronomically, Unpleasantly smug”.  I have to recalibrate the Rev’d Claire Scale of Smugness again, because I am more smug than I was yesterday, which puts me off the scale.  I shall define myself today as “definitely smug” and consider a new scale shortly.

Clerical collar – not worn (but it is my day off!)

So sad to know that the wonderful inspirational @Batty_Towers is non-Janathoning due to injury, especially because it’s all down to her that I’m doing this at all, and so I hereby declare that she will be receiving 50% of all my smugness henceforth, to use as she thinks best. (My advice is to put it somewhere safe and then use it when folk least expect it!)

2 responses to “Day 15 – Janathon

    • It was indeed a joint effort but she got me through December’s challenge too. If you have to withdraw from Janathon, I shall be delighted to share smugness with you too!

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