Day 16 – Janathon

Over half way and I’m still here – remarkable! Things I have found out about myself doing this “running” every day include:-  I am still highly competitive. I still can’t pray and run. I still have to concentrate on my feet. I still dread people laughing at me. None of this will have come as a surprise to those who know me. I’ve really enjoyed Janathon so far – which is much more surprising.

Flora Challenge 8

Today I decided to repeat my jaunt to the motorway bridge and back – once I can do that in 30 mins, I’ll try to add the last half mile up to three miles. So, no dogshit, no people, but it was still 0 degrees according to the thermometer. My lungs are struggling a bit at the moment – I have picked am refusing to pick up the family cold, which has gone is trying to go straight to my chest.

Total distance 2.49 miles again (in spite of going a tiny bit further, drat and double drat); time 34:54, pace 14:02 min/mile. Pace is hugely variable, depending on whether I am going up or down hill (during 90s steady downhill I managed 10:05 min/mile, which is just ridiculous. Yes, I’m aware that 10:05 looks like a not unrespectable 100m sprint time, but this is me we are talking about, get a grip.)

Coughing and aching a bit too much to be anything beyond ordinarily smug.

The photo is to remind me of last time around – after my only ever official 5km back in 2003.

4 responses to “Day 16 – Janathon

  1. Never you mind about pace. If you are running for fun & fitness, what of pace? Nothing. When I was running outdoors (prior to foot repair, which now requires no hills), I loved leaving my watch behind 🙂 I’m not ordained, but I do pray while running sometimes… I pray my heart won’t burst, I pray I won’t be hit by a motorist, I pray I won’t eat feel driven to eat a horse later on account of being famished from exercise 🙂

  2. Hi Claire, did your cold get the better of your running intentions? I missed your Janathon posts. Hope you’re well.

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