6 responses to “We believe…

  1. Ok ya got me. My curiosity has the better of me………again.
    Was this a challenge or an attempt to inspire?
    Oddly enough it made perfect sense to me and was mildly amusing to see how tied up some folk seem to get.

  2. Sorry Claire. I should have said. Being unfamiliar with the phrase I googled it and was surprised at the sheer volume of discussions about so few words the concept of which is hugely thought provoking though and appears to confuse most.

    • Ah got you. Yes, it’s part of one of the Creeds – statement of Christian faith that people debated through the seven councils around 300-400 AD. I tend to see the Creed as a statement of unity – but as you have found, lots of people wouldn’t agree with me.
      I occasionally draw while I pray, and this picture is one such result – it’s about God breaking through darkness, breaking into our lives etc. Read it how you like – I liked the result, so I thought I’d post it and see what people thought. Not sure it would inspire, but don’t particularly see it as challenge – glad it makes sense to you!

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