Tetchy and thankful

IMG_0834I’ve been feeling tetchy today. Everything seems to be aimed at me. It isn’t, of course. It’s not personal when an administrative process goes wrong and messes a member of my family about as a result. It’s not personal that the timing on the traffic lights in the village has been reset, meaning it took seven minutes to get through them when I had a deadline. It’s not personal when the phone goes just at the wrong point for a train of sermon thought. It’s not personal when someone tweets a worried tweet which triggers similar worries in me. It’s not personal that I can’t speak to someone when I want to talk to them.

The one thing that has been aimed at me personally is some feedback from my lovely TI on the way I’ve been preaching recently, which was on the money, helpful, constructive, and which I’ve been working on this afternoon.  Odd that the only thing that really has been personal today is the thing for which I am most thankful – the gift of honest feedback.

I’ve been reading the story of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple today. It contains the Nunc Dimittis, the poem that Simeon said when he saw Jesus. In the Book of Common Prayer, it’s part of Evening Prayer, and the first verse goes “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word”. I had a look at a literal translation of the original Greek “Now you release your slave, Master, according to your word in peace”.  It changes the feel, doesn’t it? Being a slave who is released, rather than a servant who is allowed to leave? It’s made me think about what happens when we meet Jesus, when we see our own salvation, and how we respond. Now that, that is personal.


7 responses to “Tetchy and thankful

  1. Oh yes! released from slavery… and it’s all down to truly, truly seeing Jesus and understanding, knowing even, Who He is and how much He loves each one of us. Thank you, Claire. And tetchy is a normal and human reaction at times… they were lopping trees on the road I needed to take today when I was late so I relate to the traffic light situation! 🙂

  2. When we meet Jesus! How strange it never occured to me that I might!
    Yes that would be personal. Call me irreverent if you will, but there are alot of questions I’d like answered. I’m hoping there’s a good refence library in heaven….. Assuming I get there obviously.

  3. when you get to heaven – and you will, Steve – you won’t need a reference library – you’ll see face to face, you’ll know as you are already known. In fact, thinking about it, what a relief!
    Meanwhile… anyone know of a good reference library?!? 😉

    • Thank you Dorothy x
      Google is one of the best reference libraries, quiet, comfy seats, coffee and cakes 😉

  4. Interesting point Dornthy. Not sure who’s version (or should that be vision?) of Heaven we are in though. One person’s heaven and all that!
    I know however that I am blessed.
    If wealth is measured by family and friends, then I believe I’m the richest man in the world.
    If wealth is measured in material goods, I have a comfortable home, a job I love and I drive the car of my dreams.
    If wealth is measured in an appreciation for the wonders of the world and the universe I am rich beyond anyones wildest dreams.
    If it wasn’t for abscent family, friends and all the sadness I see in the world, I truely could believe I was in heaven.
    It does make me wonder. Why am I so blessed? Surely there are others more deserving!

    Actually. I do know why I’m so blessed.

    It’s to help others.

    That’s all the instruction, actually more of a sugestion, that I had. (Discuss) lol

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