The little things

IMG_0862What’s the difference between self raising flour and plain flour? One gives an excellent batch of rock cakes, the other gives a weird set of undercooked flat pastry-like circles with sultanas. It’s such a small thing, but the consequences (for that batch of rock cakes, and they truly were) were large. (The photo is of a decent, edible batch). When I tried again this morning, I nearly forgot the sultanas, another sign that my brain is elsewhere.

So what’s into me at the moment? I’m trying to think about Lent groups – I am running a couple of sessions on Wednesday evenings for the Benefice, and I need to pay attention to what others are doing, who is doing what and how they all fit together. I’m trying to write Sunday’s sermon (which explains why I’m writing a blog post instead, the readings have been read, the initial ideas are currently (geddit?!) cooking). I’m thinking about Holy Week, where I am doing the first four Stations of the Cross (we are doing stations across Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, in three different churches, but with the same images). I’m considering how best to get people confident with taking out Home Communion, so that it isn’t just the Ministry team doing it. I’m working out the best time to do some home visits so that I visit before, not after, chemotherapy sessions. I’ve chosen hymns for March and April main services, which has reminded me of some music conversations I need to have. I’m wondering when I can get some essay writing done.

And I’m remembering a happy day at the seaside yesterday, I’m thinking about friends who particularly need tlc at the moment. I’m thinking about my family too, about conversations I have had with others about “vicar’s partners”, about blog posts I’ve read on the topic, about tweets I have seen on the subject, which give me insights at variance with my own experience. I’m thinking about integrity, about wholeness before God, and whether we can ever be whole, let alone holy, and am being reminded that I don’t do any of this in my own strength (which is just as well).

Oh, and I’m trying to do less in Lent. But now I really must write that sermon, and I’ve promised to make more rock cakes, because the first batch of the day have vanished. If I can just concentrate on the little things, maybe the big things will look after themselves……



One response to “The little things

  1. Talking of being whole, or even holy before God.
    Alone with my thoughts, I feel closer to God and whole.
    Any other time feel whole with select others.
    I don’t think I’ll ever be wholly holy though.

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