Easter 2013 – abiding memories

  • IMG_1664It was clock change. I was so worried about missing the alarm that I woke an hour early and didn’t dare go back to sleep
  • I wore so many layers that I could only just bend my elbows
  •  It was well below freezing – and colder in church than outside
  • The service was beautiful. So was the sunrise
  • Breakfast of three (!) croissants was welcome
  • At second service, I was giving out chocolate. Concerned grandmother instructed me to go to kitchen to give grandchild chocolate. I stood still, yelled grandchild, pointed out I was here with chocolate. Grandchild promptly appeared and was duly copiously rewarded. Grandmother and mother expressed surprise at her obedience. Obedience is sometimes a matter of clear instruction, firm expectation and obvious reward.
  • Christ is risen! I am knackered.

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