All shapes and sizes

Don't expect 'nice'Women in ministry are back in the news as one resigns after a very short time in a particular post. There is undoubtedly a complicated back story, and rightly, I shall never know the ins and outs. I can only offer prayers for her, and all those affected by that situation.

But a reminder. Priests come in all shapes and sizes. They have all sorts of experiences for better and for worse. They have families or not, they are married or not. They are straight or gay, red headed or bald or something else altogether. Fat, thin, short, tall, introvert, extrovert, morning people or sleepy until 9am.

My point – if you find yourself wound up or irritated by something a priest says or does – don’t assume it’s because “all women priests think like that” any more than “all tall priests do that” or “all grey haired priests preach this”. It might just be that someone in particular gets under your skin. Think about it, deal with it. I dare you.

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