Announcement: Rev’d Claire Grows Up

St James’, Ludgershall and Faberstown

“Subject to the usual clearances, the Interview Panel is pleased to announce the appointment of the Reverend Claire Maxim to the post of Priest-in-Charge (Rector Designate) of Ludgershall and Faberstown in the Diocese of Salisbury. Although moving dates and Licensing dates are yet to be confirmed, Claire hopes very much to be in time to join the parish for the journey through Lent to Easter 2014.”

As you might guess, I am very excited about this and looking forward to becoming part of a community which felt very friendly every time I visited (including by stealth!). I’ve been looking forward to being a proper-growed-up-Vicar for some years now, and even though I’ll have missed the mark (it’s Rector here, something to do with being entitled to receive tithes before they were abolished in 1936) I am distinctly chuffed. However, I and the Rev’d Claire Family are going to need a lot of prayers, and so are the good folk of Ludgershall and Faberstown – please remember them and me.

16 responses to “Announcement: Rev’d Claire Grows Up

  1. Congratulations. Prayers especially for the next couple of months – I always found the transition period quite challenging. One needed to be fair and generous in the tying up of loose ends and the spacious farewells to the present parish while allowing excitement and planning for the future in hopefulness to bubble within. I’m sure you’ll be missed and welcomed in equal measure by both parishes. Every Blessing for you, your family and the parishes.

  2. Brilliant and a wonderful part of the country. Many, many congratulations to you I’m sure that you will be happy there.

    I spent too many years in the area latterly in Tidworth between 84 to 87. I’ve probably walked, run or driven across the whole area domestically or through work (Army of course) over the best part of 43 years. Last time on Salisbury plain was a big exercise in 2007, although I visited Larkhill and other sites after that on business (for the Army).

    I also did courses at the Services Chaplains Centre at Amport House, near Andover. in 2008-2009 (four in total) and of course there is the Museum of the Army Chaplains Department there.

    Ludgershall is a lovely place, when I first visited there in the sixties it was the site of a vehicle depot (now closed I believed) and a major Army Workshop, so the mix was of local families and service families. I wonder what it will be like for you?

    Prayers and blessings for your new ministry as you and the whole family embark on a whole new adventure. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, isn’t that George Herbert country?
    Who knows, we might bump into each other in Sarum College library.
    (not that either of us would know it) God bless

  4. Oh Claire, I’m so thrilled for you, many, many congratulations and prayers for all the stuff that surrounds this. You might be moving out of Winchester Diocese, but only just, for which I selfishly thank God.

  5. Thank you so much all of you who have liked, commented, prayed or thought happy thoughts. Very much appreciated – I suspect you’ll find out how it goes in the future!

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