1st December: Time is out of joint #adventbookclub

Advent CandleThis is based on “Beginnings and Endings (and what happens in between)” by Maggi Dawn. Day 1 is about Psalm 27 – a psalm which, as Maggi points out, has its tenses all over the place. It switches between past, present and future without scarcely a pause. This may read like a confident psalm in the beginning – “The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” – yet there is language of being besieged, of fear, of hiding away too. It reads as though the writer knows with their head that they can trust God utterly, but they find it harder to place themselves in God’s hands in practice.

This may of course be projection. I trust God utterly, totally. Right up to the point where I have to trust God utterly, totally, and then I become afraid. Because so often things happen at the ‘wrong’ time. Whether the doorbell rings just as we are in the middle of things, the new job means a move which disrupts lives, the vital group meeting is scheduled for a date which means a hideous diary clash or we forget birthdays…

Slowing down for the length of my Advent Candle burning time each day reminds me about God and time. It reminds me that I can choose how to spend at least some of my day. It reminds me that my time and God’s time are different and yet they intersect at every moment. Maggi’s Auntie Margaret had a different attitude to time too. But regardless of the order in which each moment arrives, each moment is of God. In each moment God is our strength and our hiding place. I sometimes have to watch and wait to notice that.

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