#Janathon 2

IMG_1399I went for the walk this morning, in glorious sunshine, and no flood to impede progress. Although the water was still trickling down the road, it no longer has the power to swish pebbles along with it, instead they twinkled at me, polished by the flow over them.

I’m using Runkeeper for time and distance, so got the earphones out. I walked faster. But it’s less fun somehow. I don’t think well with pounding music (if I’m honest I don’t think well with any music) and somehow I felt disconnected from the country around me. They work well if I want to create “my” space, but not if I want to be part of the world. I’ll be avoiding them, or at least turning off the soundtrack. I want to be able to hear what the shocked cows are saying to each other (I was wearing bright running gear, which makes me look like a fat plonker, but gives me the moral high ground if anyone runs me over).

stats? 1.32 miles in 22mins, thing of wonder – bare oak branches against blue sky, sunlight on ivy leaves.

5 responses to “#Janathon 2

  1. Gotta love the juxtaposition of your main background picture, resplendent with coffee and the most delicious looking cake (carrot?), and the pic of your trainers! That’s my kind of combination..! Well, notionally. In fact the running shoes bit is more imaginary than factual in my day, as yet.

    • The coffee is the most common component, the cake less so – but I will do pretty much anything* in return for decent coffee cake!

      *as long as it’s a) moreorless legal and b) I think that God probably won’t mind….

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