#Janathon 7

IMG_3027This was the morning when I couldn’t be bothered. Alright, I couldn’t be *rs3d. It’s my day off, and I’ve done the mercy school run through wind and rain for DD and friends, I’ve taken down the Christmas Decorations (I know it should have been yesterday, think of it as a protest abut early starts to Christmas), and it looks manky out there. So, being mindful of the fact that my target milage for the month is what some of you are doing in a  couple of days, I got off my ample backside and went anyway. Slowly.

Distance 1.51 miles, time 29:43 mins, not admitting to the pace, you want it you work it out. Things of joy and wonder: I saw my shadow! Yes, briefly and weakly, the sun appeared. Mind you, it hasn’t made up its mind about Tuesday yet. I dawdled in some puddles. And the major wonder is I went at all. I’d like to report I feel better for the walk, and after a shower and coffee, the world looks a better place. Off now for lunch with friends.


One response to “#Janathon 7

  1. sounds like a lovely slow contemplative walk… as in contemplating how wonderful it will be to get home again and put the kettle on! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed lunch.

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