#Janathon 8 – Thankfully

IMG_3034A lovely jaunt today – it was sufficiently dry underfoot that I swapped my wellies for my trusty walking boots. I know they may not be for everyone, but they give my ankle a decent level of support. The sun didn’t shine, but I decided to make this a two mile day. The red waterproof stayed in the cupboard, giving the cows an opportunity to be shocked at my orange walking top, of which they took full advantage. It started to rain just hard enough to show drops in the puddles, but didn’t go for it properly until I was back home.

Distance 2.03 miles, time 34:59 minutes, pace 17:12 min/mile.

Things of wonder (bear with me) – giving thanks for my precious friend J, for those who have found the truly enormous DVT right up her leg, and for a long and life giving conversation by telephone with her this morning (if ever a woman took it to the wire medically it’s J. She was already a walking miracle before this episode, and now she is again.); thanks also for the opportunity to write down some stuff which has helped sort out my head; for the beginnings of a leaving sermon; for lovely neighbours. I could have sat down and given thanks for all these things at home, but I had much more enjoyment doing so out of doors. Even if the cows were shocked.



One response to “#Janathon 8 – Thankfully

  1. Shocking the cows seems to be the least of it. Lovely to follow you as you make the #janathon journey, as you reflect on stuff which just shows how live for you in your ministry is really working and worthwhile.

    Just wish I could relflect in such short bursts – I tend to be too verbose.:(

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