#Janathon 10

janathon-participant-logoWell I did comment on someone’s blog that I like crap weather for walking. So, having been bathed in sunshine all morning, I left the house just in time to catch the start of the downpour, and paused to add a waterproof….yes, I was ‘properly’ dressed today, in contest with yesterday.

Distance 2 miles (go me!), time 36:17 mins, pace 17.39 mins/mile

Things of joy and wonder – I was wet anyway, so it was a shame to turn round at the half mile mark, and as it turned out, the rain stopped for the last half mile, meaning I arrive home nearly as dry as I left, and with minimal mud. I have worked out that I walk with my shoulders up round my ears, which may explain the neck pain over the last few days. So “drop the shoulders”  is a joyful pain relieving thing to remember.


One response to “#Janathon 10

  1. Good to see you back at it! Your comment about pushing your shoulders up in the cold made me laugh. My chickens do that when they’re standing out in the cold, to conserve body heat. We call it “sucking their heads in” cuz they look like they have no necks when they do it. I wonder if they get sore too? Keep at that walking!

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