#Janathon 12

Being myselfI don’t know if there is an official phrase for those training runs which are not all about pace, but if there is, that’s what today’s Janathon jaunt was. After a crisp early morning and a gorgeous sunrise, it now looks pretty grim and grey, so I decreed that today was a wellie ramble. Today was about noticing how many shades of brown and green make up the world I walked through, about smelling the wood smoke, and about feeling the droplets on my face which couldn’t decide whether to be drizzle or mist. It was about squelching through mud and peering in puddles. It was about wondering why ivy loves some telegraph poles and shuns others. It was about thinking about beginnings and endings, and why the last sermon I preach as a curate might be a good place to start as a Rector in 7 weeks time. It was about assimilating the first ‘big’ goodbye – which is as nothing compared to those next Sunday.

Distance 2 miles and a long way in my head. Time…it passed. Pace – thoughtful amble.


One response to “#Janathon 12

  1. I missed this post or I would have commented earlier. Definitely my kind of run! Thinking and running go so well together. Had my own epiphany this week whilst running.

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