#Janathon 13

Baptism at St John the BaptistThis was an afternoon excursion, so I got to chat briefly via semaphore to Dave the Lollipop Man again. We both ate too much over Christmas. Then I bumped into one of my neighbours and her gorgeous enormous dog, so paused for a chat with them too. Today was a wellie walk, which was as well, because as I got down the lane, the heavens opened and it poured for about 30 seconds. Which got me thinking about about last Sunday’s reading from Matthew’s Gospel, the story of Jesus being baptised in the River Jordan by his cousin John. It says that after Jesus came up from the water, “the heavens were opened” but that was for the Holy Spirit to descend, not for a short sharp shower. On the other hand, everything looked different after the rain, because the light had changed so much. Everything looked different for Jesus after his baptism, so I think there’s a (possibly tenuous) parallel in there somewhere.

time 20:21 minutes, distance 1.11 miles, pace 18:19 mins/mile (despite the chats, semaphore and otherwise). Thing of joy and wonder – gorgeous white blossom. It was beautiful, before the rain and after it.


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