#Janathon 15

IMG_3068It’s the half way point, and I am 58% of the way towards walking 31 unnecessary miles in January. This means that walking to the shops doesn’t count, although if I do an additional loop, that could. Today’s walk was memorable for the grouping of the horses at the stable, who stood and stared, and for the size of the hole in the old stable roof at the farm. But to be honest it was a bit of a “get it over and done with” day, although given the amount of thinking I did yesterday, I suppose that’s not surprising.

Distance 1.19 miles, time 23.01, pace 19.17 minutes per mile, rain showers dodged – all of them (no mean feat today, it has poured on and off), blue sky seen – some, so I’ll leave you with a photo of that too…..


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