#Janathon 17

IMG_3074It was a trip out and about with my clerical collar on today – I decided to risk it and didn’t change or put on a waterproof. It’s a different thing, walking while wearing a collar. The collar tells people a bit about my identity, it tells them I am available for them, as their parish priest. A collar is about welcome. A clerical collar rightly slows me down if I meet people. However, I didn’t meet anyone, so have no excuse for my rather slow wellie yomp.

Distance 1.33 miles; time 25.55 minutes; pace 19.33 minutes/mile (although that did include plenty of inept muddy moonwalking); thing of wonder – there was a green grape lying on the pavement at the corner of the road, and when I came back it had gone. I’m sure there is a whole novel waiting to be written about what happened…..


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