#Janathon 18 19 20

IMG_2524I have been a bit of a disgrace – Janathon 18 consisted of walking round a carpet shop, a diy store and painting squares on the walls of various rooms in the new Rectory…Janathon 19 was me leading and preaching at 3 services of Holy Communion in the morning, preaching at my leaving service in the evening, and then circulating at the party…my mouth got a lot of exercise, as did my vocal cords, and I didn’t sit down….

Janathon 20 was more conventional, although having spent much of the day driving to get to the wonderful Gladstone’s Library, I opted for 2 miles along the main road as the “rush hour” was in full swing. I am pleased to find that as a result I have walked 22.5 of my planned 31 unnecessary miles in January, meaning that despite a little slippage, I am ahead of target.

Distance 2.15 miles; time 40.13 minutes; pace 18:44 mins/mile; things of joy and wonder – although it was dark, I noticed the smells of a strange place, most potently the incense as I passed the Catholic Church, the acrid trail left by a lorry carrying chemicals, and surprisingly, but unmistakably, the smell of liquorice as I was nearly back to the Library. It was good to walk tonight, I feel lot better for it!

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