#Janathon 24

Some Wikipedia Sheep

Some Wikipedia Sheep

Janathon was made for days like today – where the gap is identified, the opportunity is there, and all I want to do is curl up with a book. So I put on my boots, decided to leave off my waterproof, and grumped my way out of the house. Today is an odd day, a day of appointments with removals companies and phone calls and organising, all whilst being knackered.

It was a relief to be home and on my regular route, a relief tempered somewhat by the appearance of every van under the sun. Never mind white van (although there were several), there was blue van, grey van, cheery green van, bleurgh green van….I spent more time on the very very muddy verges than on the road. And even the cows were looking bad tempered. I did have a conversation with a sheep, which must have been slightly odd for it, the sheep equivalent of where you repeat everything that’s said to you, with exactly the same intonation….

Afternoon  Afternoon
You all right?  You all right?
Good, yeah, you?  Good, yeah, you?
What? What?
Why are you repeating everything I say? Why are you repeating everything I say?

Understandably, the sheep retreated. Distance 2.11 (I thought I should put some effort in, I’ve missed a couple of days); time 37:25 mins; pace 17:46 mins/mile (not bad given the amount of leaping up muddy verges). Thing of joy and beauty – the hot shower waiting for me.


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