#Janathon 25 and 26 – gloom and delight

"Giselle" at the Royal Opera House

“Giselle” at the Royal Opera House

Yesterday’s unnecessary mile was to the Royal Opera House to see the ballet ‘Giselle‘ – in which a man is forced to dance until he dies of exhaustion by the ghosts of women who have been jilted*. It’s not terribly cheerful in tone, but it was an entrancing production to watch – and I love the music. In fact I walked from Waterloo station to the Royal Opera House and back with no other aids than friends and family to guide me (and frequent meal stops**). The journey home was delayed and fraught because of train cancellations  – trees on the line. But more of that …..

Today’s Janathon happened because I would have felt guilty, and feeling guilty is worse than feeling wet. So I set off on my usual route in lashing rain. The ponies were unhappy, the cattle had abandoned the middle of the field and were huddled disconsolately against a hedge, and only the sheep seemed unbothered by the torrent. I was unsure whether the drips on the end of my nose were of internal or external origin, but my glove was so wet that wiping didn’t make much difference regardless. (Yes, the gloves are in the wash.) But the usual joy at being out and about asserted itself….so I did two miles not one….and then the sun came out. Like a reward for being good, or an unexpected message of good news from a loved one, the sun appeared, and the world lit up. Dripping leaves glistened dappled green, and the murky sludge browns did their best to morph into glamorous chestnuts and reds.

Distance 2.23 miles; time 45:42 minutes; pace 20:31 mins/mile (did I mention the wind and foul weather and wellies?); thing of joy and beauty – the sun, and the way the world opened up to greet it.

By the way, I promised 31 unnecessary walking miles in January as my Janathon target. I may actually make that in the next couple of days!

*Bit harsh I’d have said but then I didn’t fall in love, get jilted, go mad and commit suicide because a lover turned out to be someone else in disguise……

**there may have been a pub. Or a bar. Or something along those lines. Both at the ROH and afterwards….

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