#Janathon 28 and 29


If I’d walked a different route in daylight and the sun had shone, I might have seen this…

I walked half a mile on my new patch yesterday, which I deleted from run keeper, because I forgot to stop it when I got back to the Rectory, so it sat on the windowsill while I painted, and recorded a remarkably quick walk home, mainly because I drove.

Today on the other hand, I walked half a mile on my new patch (though this is part of my routine because there is no water or heat in the house yet, so I have to go out via the public lavatories and the coffee and cake shop). I walked again this evening, to get the smell of paint out of my nostrils – a more normal 20 ish minutes and about a mile, but all on pavement.

According to run keeper, I have just 0.4 miles to go before I achieve my aim of 31 unnecessary miles in January. I haven’t managed to keep to the letter of Janathon – I haven’t walked every day, I haven’t blogged every day, and I haven’t always read other posts and encouraged others,  but I have walked 30 miles further in January than I would have done otherwise and that is no bad thing. My final Janathon blog will be a bit more reflective and longer, more like a standard Claire blog post.

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