Moving Times

A brief post as we moved homes this week. Suddenly it matters not a wit that I am a priest, this week is all about family, and making them feel as comfortable as I can. It helps that we have moved from a house adapted for use by a curate to a house designed for use by a parish priest – the work area is far more clearly delineated, and my study is currently a disorganised pile of furniture and boxes. But other than pictures, and the loft contents in the spare room, the family home is recognisably ours. Messy, chaotic even by our standards, but outside the study, spare room and garage, there are just 6 boxes awaiting attention – 5 of those being books. It’s been busy, but already there is a flow to life in this house.

Thank you to everyone who is holding us in prayer, please carry on!

3 responses to “Moving Times

  1. Will carry on. So only 5 boxes of books left, eh? That sounds like you’re about three-quarters of the way through. Not sure I’ve actually finished unpacking from my move last August. Hope you’ve got a bottle of wine handy for when you can properly sit down and relax for 20 mins.

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