Moving and breathing

I think I can safely declare we have moved. The garage is a conglomeration of garage-ey things in boxes, my study is the official dumping ground for anything that has no home elsewhere, and I haven’t even started sorting it yet. (Monday. When everyone else is back to normal. Monday.) The spare room contains a couple of boxes of books that need to go to my study, and two boxes of games that need homes, a crate of random wires and some other odd bits. At least I can sit on the sofa bed, even if there isn’t room to make it into a bed yet (all those of you wondering why we haven’t been offering places to sleep over for my licensing, take note!).

But in the family part of the house, there isn’t a shred of packing box or wrapping left. Everything has found a place, even if some of those places may not be quite right yet. The curtains are all up (and I need one more pair). I have spent the afternoon hanging pictures, and discovered that this place has very solid brick walls (which we guessed from the wifi coverage). We may need some sticky hooks, but it’s a relief to know the place won’t fall down round our ears.


We’ve had a lot of support while moving. Lovely twitter and Facebook friends have made encouraging noises, parishioners and a Rural Dean have brought cake (now there’s a good standard of Rural Dean, don’t you think?), friends and relations have sent cards. The cats have had a nice holiday (and are now sleeping off a neurotic week in comfy, hairy baskets which smell of them). Our new property department and their contractors have been friendly and helpful, our removals men went well above and beyond anything I’ve experienced in the past. So this is a thank you to all of those mentioned, but more – to all of you who prayed for things to run reasonably smoothly – we couldn’t have asked for better. Niggles have been ironed out. Last Sunday I said I’d feel a lot better next Sunday, and I was right. I am grateful to you all.

And now?  OH is cooking pasta, and we have cracked open the champagne. After the last few weeks, we feel we deserve it. Cheers!

6 responses to “Moving and breathing

  1. Oooh I wish I hadn’t seen the champagne. Fancy one now! Interview tomorrow and Tuesday if you have room in your prayers for me. x
    So glad that your move has gone well

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