It’s not even Sunday yet

IMG_3160Tuesday – licensed at a wonderful service. Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and I spent it making many phone calls  – wedding couples, baptism requests, contacts to be made and then it was Ash Wednesday evening. Thursday morning was about parish mid week communion (most often asked question of the week “when you say normal what do you mean?”), breaking into the registers cupboard (so much easier when I used the right key), and then it was the dentist, booked long before we moved, with my first Parochial Church Council meeting….and before I looked up it was Friday, a local Community Area Planning meeting – liaison between the military, local town and parish councils, county council and assorted more local groups.  It was a great way to get plugged into the local networks and I learned a great deal about the preoccupations of the local influencing networks. Home to choose hymns for Sunday (oops, a bit late, thank heavens for an understanding organist), and then to the funeral. I’ve been aware of this funeral looming large – it was of a much loved and respected member of the congregation, whom I had been lucky enough to meet, but only once.  I’m not not bad at funerals, but it’s new to me do be taking a funeral for a man at the heart if the community, when I am not yet part of the community. Listening became even more important.

And then, at last, home to see what had been happening to everyone else.  And to open an envelope addressed to me, dropped through the door, which contained a wonderful gift….a map of the local area so that I can walk with only minor navigational setbacks – and because it is personalised, there is even a phone number to call when it all goes wrong!  So many new puddles await!

This has felt like a busy week. I am aware of so many jobs outstanding, but a little pacing is necessary…else I’ll be a heap on the floor. So tomorrow, I just have an introduction to the photocopier and a sermon to write,  what can possibly intervene?    Oh, you think? Yes, me too!


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