Where’s your head again?

Brownie Points for ingenious Royal Mail staff

Brownie Points for ingenious Royal Mail staff

I see from the news that vicars are the happiest people in terms of their occupation. And I’m certainly not unhappy. Stressed and worried about minutiae, yes. Unhappy about my vocation and where I am, no, quite the reverse. Postal Workers are not nearly as cheery apparently, although they successfully delivered this to the Rectory a few weeks back. But there is something about looking at articles about how people allegedly feel. I can’t help wondering about vicars with nervous breakdowns, about the suicide rate among farmers (which certainly used to be pretty high comparatively speaking). On the face of it obviously people following their vocation should be happy, obviously debt collectors who encounter so much misery in their working lives, would be miserable. But it’s a bit too glib for me.

As a new Rector, there is a significant danger that my head may vanish up my own…..yes, well. You see, there’s soooooo much that is new, and sooooo many things to think about and even things which used to get down easily now take concentration. It’s what happens when everything is strange and new. Even making a cup of coffee is only just beginning to become automatic – this is my fourth kitchen in five years and my programming is confused!

At college, and through curacy, we are encouraged to reflect at every possible opportunity. reflect on our own, reflect in pairs, reflect in a group….you name it, I’ve done more reflection on it than wossanames magic mirror, you know, evil queen….poisoned apple…Snow White’s step mother. See? I can’t even remember the simple stuff at the moment. Being by nature one who processes by thinking, being someone who reflects regardless of being told to or not, having this much new input is just, well, mind blowing. My head quite often feels as though it is going to blow a fuse….although it hasn’t happened yet, fortunately.

But if anyone were to run a set of tests on me at the moment to determine my happiness levels, I’m not too sure what they’d find. I know that I am happy….despite being off the scale for trying to think!

2 responses to “Where’s your head again?

  1. I actually think that you’re coping admirably, probably like the Swan allegory, calm and smooth on the surface, while paddling like made under the water.

    I suspect that it’s going to be like this for the whole of the first year – until you’ve done everything at least once, you’re going to be outside your comfort zone. I know from my own experience that changing jobs is a painful, coping experience, particularly as I did change Regiments as well as Job several times over the years. A bit like a Vicar moving from Parish Ministry to something like Prison Chaplaincy, a complete change of scene, role and dependency in terms of people and how you approach your work day to day until you get to grips with it.

    Prayers for your continuing to cope, getting the right balance and for your family as they cope with you 🙂

  2. Well obviously your heart is happy. It’s just that your brain hasn’t caught up yet.
    When all the components settle down you’ll recognise where you are.
    (I think)

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