A Rectoring Good Friday

IMG_3368So that’s it. We have laid Jesus in a tomb belonging to someone else, and all we can do is wait. Wait for a new normality to assert itself.

The whole of Lent has been about finding new normality for me. As a new Rector, I am continually trying to match up “how we do things here”, “how I did things there”, “how we’d like things to be”, and “how I’d like things to be”. I have opened my mouth and inserted my foot on a regular (nearly always unintentional) basis, and have accidentally (with God’s patient prompting) sometimes said the right thing to the right person. I have nearly un-muddled names (I am so sorry), I have cooked soup and baked hot cross buns, all without apparent damage to my lovely parishioners.

I have conducted a funeral for my churchwarden, I have baptised amid happy chaos and bubble blowing, and next week is my first wedding here. I have visited, Home Communioned, laughed with, wept with, Pub Quizzed,  and wondered what on earth is going on. I have progressed as a bell ringer and regressed in other areas…..

I have examined myself, and watched others move on. I have learned more about grace and forgiveness, and thankfully have a lifetime in which to learn more. I have walked with people, talked with people, and sat quietly with God.

For all that has been, thanks
For all that shall be, yes

2 responses to “A Rectoring Good Friday

  1. Dear Claire,
    All human life is before you. Congratulations on your incumbency so far. You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. You are a success because your ministry is suffused with your love for the Lord and for your neighbours. Life is a steady learning process. I am 64 and still have much to find. Take the passion of youth and the experience of old age from your congregation, mix it with your love and enthusiasm and you will succeed.

  2. Thank you for such a joyful and realistic reflection on how a new Rector can progress, with the different ups and downs and joys and worries that it entails.

    What it highlights prominently for me is that without God’s grace, we’d be in a place where all would be mistakes and errors and that our good works would be viewed with suspicion.

    It’s grace that oils the wheels of that allows your ministry to work and grace that allows others to love, serve and work alongside you. Grace in abundance which is obviously present in your parish and which I pray will bless your ongoing ministry there.

    We are an Easter people is something that I’m including in our intercessions this Sunday and my prayer will be for us as an Easter People to go into the world renewed and refreshed in Jesus Christ for the next twelve months spreading the good news in love and harmony.

    I can’t think of a better way to spend the next year 🙂

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