Bring on the extrovert

Suddenly today, my get up and go stopped getting up and going and came back with a spring in its step. This was good news, because I had two things to get done. The first was a funeral, with all the usual complexities, potential pitfalls, and paperwork to be negotiated. There was laughter, and there were tears, all was exactly as it ought to be. I went to the wake, was as ever recognised by the lovely lunchtime barman, who noted the “on duty” collar and passed me a coffee, and I chatted to people as the tears dried, the memories were shared and the laughter began.

But I had to leave to get to the second major thing of the day. Our community has a local radio station, one of the first to operate under a very local license, and they’d asked me to go along and record a “Thought for the day” for Sunday. I won’t lie, I was terrified. But it was surprisingly relaxed. In fact, talking into a radio microphone is a bit like writing a blog post, but with less typing. It wasn’t live, so I was able to make a complete horlicks of one bit (I didn’t mean to swear, it just happened) and rerecord it…..

I was taken by surprise at how I sound. I occasionally record sermons to see what I said, but I haven’t ever heard myself in normal speech so it was very odd. I am more mellifluous than I realised – and less Brummie too. Hearing myself as others hear me, as I spoke, was distinctly odd. But Kev did a great job of chatting about randomly mundane stuff (cold milk featured), and so I really did settle into it. I must have done OK because I’ve been invited back for a live interview in a couple of Sundays time – at 0715. Seven fifteen A.M. I must be mad. Or turning into a media luvvy.  I’ll be reviewing the Andover Advertiser next!

Bu there has been other stuff today. The chat in the post office, meeting a new dog, the chance to extend some invitations to people to come and join us – for courses, for toddler groups, for bacon butties. There has been a lot of #breadandbutterRectoring today – never mind the phone calls, the checking of old registers, the photocopying and collating of Orders of Service for Sunday’s Holy Communion with Baptism.

After a period of doing a lot of reflection, it has come as a relief to be out an about, doing what I’m meant to be doing. Meeting people, sharing the love, and pointing out what God might be up to. There’s nothing better.

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