Patronage from the other side

I sat wondering this morning about the bloke on the other end of yesterday’s conversation…..and then I got the kinder side of my imagination going….

That was a long morning, and I had to get up early, I need my lunch. Oh, can’t see any spaces by the people I know. Look, there’s someone on her own over there, let’s see if she minds if I join her. I don’t want to look like a billy-no-mates, and I don’t suppose she does either. 

Yes, she glanced up as I sat down, that’s good. Better think of something to say…..oh, it’s great when people take advantage of access to decent books, glad she’s making the effort to keep learning. It’s so easy not to bother when you are busy, and I expect she is. Yes, I’m really excited about what I learned about this morning, I’d love to tell her about it.  Oh, she understands!  She gets why I’m excited about it! And now, a real conversation about application of the theory….I am glad. I’m a bit shy and I find it really hard to start talking to strangers.

My word, she’s ordained. Well, if she knows that much about business theory, she must be working somewhere. I wonder if she’s very attached to a parish, or if she could give me a hand implementing some of this stuff back at the ranch. Oh, she’s full time. Pity. Still, it was a good lunch, and I enjoyed chatting with her.

Something along those lines anyway. With the benefit of a few hours hindsight, it’s all about perception.

One response to “Patronage from the other side

  1. Reflection from the casual meeter!

    My fears are allayed. I’ve actually been very lucky to sit beside you at the table. It was refreshing to received a warm reception, taking me out of my introverted comfort zone and exchanging ideas and thoughts with someone who actually took an interest in what I was on about.

    I wonder where she is serving? Perhaps if it’s near enough to my place, I might go along and have a look, you need to be aware that God makes these moments, fleeting as they seem and this meeting might well be an opportunity I hadn’t thought of and perhaps might lead to an empowering and enabling relationship in terms of ministry and worship.

    You’re never to old to change and God makes these opportunities, places them squarely in our path, but it’s up to us (me) to recognise them.

    I think that I’ll pop back and have a quick word – who knows, only God and perhaps the both of us.

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