Words can’t hurt me

IMG_2111‘Words can’t hurt me’ has to be one of the biggest lies we tell. I have spent way too much time in various bits of the Social Media world this week (because I’m trying to write lots of words, with the result I am indulging heavily in displacement activity. I even have a gleaming bathroom). I’ve watched people getting hurt, and I’ve found myself feeling angry, hurt, even rejected, by some words which weren’t aimed at me at all, but which cut close to the bone.

It’s worth remembering the salient point. “Not aimed at me”. When I start to take stuff personally that is written by someone I don’t know, to someone else I have never met, it’s time to get off Social Media and get a bit of perspective.

So, I won’t be around as much. Those who know me, know where to find me, and I may show up here from time to time so I can pontificate. But until I have cracked most of the words I need to write in the next few weeks, I am having a holiday from most corners of Social Media. Play nicely and I’ll tweet you soon.


One response to “Words can’t hurt me

  1. I will miss you, but hopefully, once you’ve managed to finish the work that you’re doing, you will be back.

    Hope that the writing goes well and that inspiration is ready to hand. 🙂

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