Me, The DWP, and the Daily Struggle

I seldom (if ever) reblog other people’s posts, but read this. Please. Real life happens to real people who get affected by real politics.

Pam's Perambulation

It’s taken me a while to write this, but the problems still rumble on.  I’ve pretty much written it straight down.  I don’t have much energy to edit and if I think of the wisdom of it too long, I won’t do it!

The first thing to say, is that I am not a special case – this is happening to all kinds of people.  I just thought I’d share my experiences.

I was declared unfit to work by my doctor in 1995.  I had a couple of trial returns to work, which did not go well.  I was eventually retired on ill-health by The Methodist Church in 1997 and moved to one of their houses for retired Ministers (for which we thank God every day).  Soon after that I had to attend a medical for receiving Incapacity Benefit, which declared me not fit to work and to be rightly…

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