What’s your type?

Phlegmatic? Scorpio? Chair? INTJ? Always answer the quizzes with a smirk? Here’s a new one for you to try…..

For each question pick the first (A) or second (B) option

1.  Nerd or as thick as two short planks?
2.  Wire a plug or write a poem?
3.  Cook and wash up, or eat out?
4.  Pray or drink gin?
5.  Watch TV or go for a walk?
6.  Do the garden or clean the house?
7. Coronation Street or The Apprentice?
8.  Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood?
9.  Gym or swim?
10. Stilettos or brogues?

Write your answers in a (2,5) matrix, find the inverse, and cross correlate the two.  Apply a Laplace transform.*

*The Maxim Personality Profiling Methodology is fully scientific and proven to work**.

**well, you’ll get an answer which may or may not describe*** your personality.

***If your personality is a number, letter or matrix. if you don’t perceive your personality as any of those, then your perception may be flawed, which is hardly the fault of this methodology.

Interpreting the results….

Congratulations! You are mostly* human!

*which allow for those moments where you feel less than human, which actually prove you are a normal fallible human being. Well done for being you.


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