#Janathon Day 2 – Unlikely creatures

It’s a beautiful afternoon, and I set off for what felt like a “proper” walk, mainly on muddy tracks and paths, very little pavement to negotiate. The winter sun cast long shadows and walking uphill towards it was a squinty experience. Then on the way back through our very beautiful and bijou castle, I saw these.
Beautiful, aren’t they?

1.86 miles
21:30 mins/mile (that’s pretty poor, but it was muddy and I didn’t have my walking poles)
Things of note – llama??? or are they alpaca???; two illicit BMXers checking out the lumps and bumps; one path discovered at last on the ground which I knew must be there from the map – nicely cut back and frosted into being in reality!


6 responses to “#Janathon Day 2 – Unlikely creatures

  1. They look like alpaca to me. They have such lovely little faces don’t they?
    You seem to be trying to set an Olympic record.on your walks. Please don’t.
    You make me feel even more guilty as I struggle to get down from the taxi with my shopping 🙂

    • Ray, I couldn’t possibly set any records for walking or anything else! My efforts are no great compared to thaise of most Janathoners, so my aim is only to do some exercise that I don’t have to 🙂

  2. They look like alpaca to me too, but I’m not an expert on herd animals. I spent an hour this morning hoovering a large church, and after a break played table tennis. Think that’s my Janathon day 2. 🙂

  3. Not sure what it will be like in your area, but round here OpenStreetMap is brilliant at helping to track down footpaths when planning runs and walks!

    • I made friends with our town council, and have a copy of the definitive map of the civil parish (which isn’t quite the same as the church parish). Interesting to see how may of the boundaries are paths!

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