#Janathon – Day 3 – A breeze

IMG_4296Mostly tarmac today, up our local hill, beloved of dog walkers. I’m not so keen on this route, although I get out of houses quickly, the road follows the boundary for poor, deserted, ravaged D-Med. The site is due to be redeveloped soon, but at the moment it is forlorn. Once away from the road, it’s a decent path straight up the hill, which involved some heavy breathing and a not very good view from the top. The dog walkers kept to lower levels, and I don’t blame them, the breeze was a bit sharp.
Distance: 2.73 miles
Pace: 20:15 mins/mile (oh, get me! That’s better than yesterday, but so were the paths)
Number of people spoken to: One. Twice.
Number of mysterious runners who appeared to be much quicker than me but never caught up: One
Number of sermons still to be written before tomorrow: about two-thirds.

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