#Janathon – Day 4 – A little hoarse?

“I’m going for a walk”, I said.
“Oh, all right, I’ll come too” riposted OH (that’s my Other Half, for those who haven’t yet met him).
It was pleasant to have the company, and we had a decent muddy walk through fields and woods. The mist hasn’t lifted all day, so visibility wasn’t fabulous. During the service this morning, I could feel my voice struggling (It’s all that pro-JECT-shun dahr-ling), and I wondered if the cold air was going to make me more hoarse. I was saved by three beautiful huskies looming at high speed out of the mist. They turned out to be more friendly than the Hound of the Baskervilles. The reason became obvious as I opened a gate.

“Could you open that gate a bit quicker…please?” came the plaintive enquiry.”er, even quicker than that?”
The moral of this story, gentle reader, is that if you take your OH for a walk, make sure he puts on clean trousers. Not the ones he was wearing yesterday when he visited a household with a bitch on heat. Just a thought. Otherwise things may get…well… sightly husky.

Miles: 2.66
Pace: 23.55 mins/mile (off road and very gloomy in places)
Dogs attempting to shag OH: 1.5

6 responses to “#Janathon – Day 4 – A little hoarse?

  1. Sounds like an interesting experience for your OH 🙂

    Glad that you’re keeping the exercise regime up. I’ve been lazy today, only a bit of walking. But will catch up from tomorrow – weather permitting, because I’m not submitting myself to a drenching.

    The exercise bike and headphones might have to spring into use.

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