#Janathon Day 5 – Walking like a local

IMG_4296First working weekday of the year today (ish) and so this was my first Janathon of 2015 undertaken in a clerical collar. It was a swift yomp of the local dog walking route, which may explain why I acquired a dog (no, not like yesterday at all). In an effort not to become awkward, the dog’s owner and I agreed that she (and the dog) would slow down, while I sped up. It worked – I needed to get back to the Rectory to talk times and dates with a Funeral Director, so didn’t mind at all. But it did mean I was doing a very determined walk when I noticed an aeroplane in the distant sky. I watched it for a while, noticing that the sound appeared to be coming from a much closer bird of prey, which made me chuckle. I walked on, then looked up to see how the bird of prey was doing – and saw a helicopter, which I hadn’t noticed at all.

When I notice aeroplanes in the distance, and don’t notice helicopters virtually overhead, I think I may be turning local.

Distance: 1.48
Pace 19.50 mins/mile (including a pause to splash soles of boots in a puddle)
Dog incidents (with clean trousers) 1
Planes: 1
Helicopters: No idea, only noticed 1!

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