#Janathon Day 6 – Epiphany

IMG_4306Today my Janathon effort took the form of delivering a letter, posting another, and admiring a sunset.

It was not very light when I set out and dark by the time I got home, but the sunset was lovely, as were the people I spoke with on my way round. I love living somewhere where people routinely speak to others they meet, even if they don’t know them. And as I get more settled, I do enjoy exchanging waves with small footballers yelling “Hello Reverend Claire, I’m playing for Arsenal”, even if I don’t try to persuade them of the error of their allegiance. No, I’m not saying. Suffice it to say it took them 104 years of trying before they finally won the FA Cup, and frankly we lived far enough away that my football knowledge was limited to trying to predict the results from the tone of the announcer’s voice on a Saturday afternoon.

So later, it’s down with the Christmas decorations, and welcome to the Wise Men (see Matthew Chapter 2 for the full story). Happy Epiphany!

Distance: 1.06 miles
Pace 19:19 mins/mile (all those pavements!)
Feet arrangements – back in my splint, and very comfy it was too.
Sunset quality – better than my photo!



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