#Janathon Day 7 – So nearly a confession

IMG_4309For the record, it’s my official day off, and the weather is utterly manky. There’s a cold, lazy wind (too lazy to go round me, just cuts straight through) and it is too wet to be called mist, and not wet enough to be called rain.

I have taken some unnecessary exercise, which by my standards means that Janathon is still on. Admittedly that exercise took the form of walking  to the shop to buy some chocolate, but the chocolate was not and is not required as a matter of urgency, so the criteria is met. My little* boy came with me, and was highly amused at how many conversations I had with people on the way there and on the way back “even without your collar on”. I pointed out that I was wearing the beautiful scarf he gave me for Christmas, so no-one would know! However, I am grateful to him, but without his prompting I would never have got out of the Rectory.

Distance: not very far
Pace: running every few strides to keep up with little* boy, but stopping lots for conversations.
Number of conversations: loads, I love living here!

*This description is inaccurate, but suffices as an online disguise for him.


3 responses to “#Janathon Day 7 – So nearly a confession

  1. Well done for getting out at all. #Dayoffjanathon? But going for chocolate (for your little boy?) sounds suspiciously like a #confession of blame, not of contrition.

    I buy free trade, dark chocolate from the coop. Which is the only type that I can eat (has to be more than 75% sugar free) and eat it one square at a time over a week or so. I feel very heroic from giving up my chocolate addition in favour of small tastes, now and again.

    And my exercise regime today consisted of walking about 300 yards from the car park to church for holy communion and back, via a supermarket when I walked the long way around the aisle to buy some emergency cat treats. I than struggled on and wrote a submission for #digidisciple and my Ministry in Context assignment for January (consolidating lived experience in worship over last month or so).

    Tonight is the start of the bible and belief module on my LLM course, looking forward to it. Could be challenging, it all has so far, but I’ve learned loads. Helpfully, the course tutor has put the course notes on line, so I can take a peak before each session.

    Residential at Aylesford Priory in a couple of weeks, when we’ll discover who snores, who is a genuine veggie and who can stand the cold (early Mass each day).

    My #Janathon is turning out to be quite varied and I’m loving it.

    • The chocolate was not for him or for me, although I did acquire some supplies of Co-op fair-trade dark for me while I was there. I haven’t eaten any yet. This means I didn’t need it, and the exercise was thus unnecessary. No blame or contrition here!

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