#Janathon Day 11 – In Clover

IMG_4290After a wonderful couple of days away, it’s good to be home again briefly. I did a local walk this afternoon, discovering that I can walk a mile without crossing a road or being out of earshot of my house, and that whilst I do so, I can draw a three leaf clover and stalk on Runkeeper, just by going up and down and in and out of the medieval street plan of the little path of village where I live.

Distance: 1 mile
Pace: 20:15 mins/mile (yes it was all pavement, but I’m a bit slow in the ankle today
Number of gorgeous black labradors by my side: None. Which makes me sad!


3 responses to “#Janathon Day 11 – In Clover

  1. I wondered where you’d been hiding – than, 4 Janathon posts arrive in my inbox in one go. Good to get out and about as much as you can, and you shouldn’t be worried about distance or time, just the enjoyment of being in the fresh air.

    I haven’t managed a Janathon today, but yesterday walked about 2 miles in the very cold wind, did some shopping on the way, and so, carried an extra couple of kilo’s homewards. And of course the skies chose to open about halfway home, and the woolen jerkin that I was wearing, quickly got soaked through with water, but held it in. By the time I got home it was dragging down towards the floor 😦

    My light trousers were soaked through and went straight into the washing machine along with top, socks and other garments I’m to embarrassed to mention.

    But I actually felt that I’d achieved something, although I can’t discern exactly what. Perhaps it’s the prayer along the way, or the ointment that I bought for Jen’s poorly knee or just the sheer exuberance of being outdoors, happy with a singing heart, and looking and noticing the cars, houses, people, animals that I saw along the way. The conversation in the Coop with several people that I know by sight who go to another local church, and God perhaps accompanying me along the way.

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