#Janathon Day 8 – Hospital Jaunt

crukmig_1000img-12235On Janathon Day 8 I had to go for a routine (entirely routine, annual, no cause for alarm) mammogram. As is my custom I arrived early, and spotting that the car park queue was nearly back to the main road I parked over the road in the main hospital car park. On the whole this was a good thing – I hate the car park I was aiming for originally, having memorably been in such a state before my first ever mammogram that I scraped the side of my car all down a pillar there. Not good.

I know the other car park far better, and parked quite happily, and then noticed one thing. The rain. The blattering, drumming, chucking it down utterly pouring rain. If I’d waited, and parked in the hated car park, i would never have been outside at all. As it was, I arrived at the waiting room looking like a drowned rat.

After it was over, I walked the long way back to my car, noting that I wouldn’t get much time to Janathon, and finding that hospitals are quite big if you walk round them.

Time: no idea
Distance: the direct way in the pouring rain felt a lot longer than the perimeter of the hospital in the dry!

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