#Janathon Day 12 – With company

IMG_4326I’m in one of my favourite places in the world for a couple of days of hard work towards my doctorate (one day….eventually…), and it takes a few hours in the car to get here. It was a relief to unpack, and then meet my travelling companion for a stroll to stretch our legs.

A linear out along the road and back, pausing at the Post Office to buy plasters (it was a mince pie foil case related incident), and to admire a couple of beauty parlours en route. Between my hip being quite unco-operative and her lungs not enjoying the air, we didn’t go far, but we didn’t half feel better for the jaunt.

In the unlikely event that any of the presentations tomorrow fail to hold my interest, don’t bother sending search parties. I’ll either be getting my nails done, or relaxing in a cherry flotation tank!

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