#Janathon Day 15 – Catching up

IMG_4354Having been allowed out of parish a fair bit over the last few days, today was all about playing catch up. So Janathon was a short effort tonight, as I remembered someone I needed to be in touch with, and decided to walk over to them rather than just ring up.  As ever, as a privileged rector, I gained far more than I gave. We had a gentle glass of sherry, caught up with the tough stuff, and then I was presented with a useful book of inspiration for talks, and a 1/4 bottle of port “to save for a cold evening”. My Janathon effort today may have been slight, but it would have been worth walking over hot coals for the resulting conversation. The sherry, port and book are all grace-filled bonuses to a wonderful half hour.

Distance: not as far as it might have been, but further than an armchair phone call
Pace: perfect
Rev’d Claire’s conclusion: I am very blessed, and very grateful.

2 responses to “#Janathon Day 15 – Catching up

    • 😃 I’m a bit knackered and glad of a quiet evening! Tomorrow is a day off, and I’ve just got some studying to do in my local theological library. Peace will reign!

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