#Janathon Day 21 – Out of my patch

imageI’ve been to a different town today – new to me, pretty old in construction. I was in a very cold pub for a meetings about all the new housing being built in the Diocese, and how we as church could welcome people. There was a lot of wisdom in the room, and it was worth the hour’s drive. I only hope the heating in the pub is fixed before we meet again!

Afterwards, I took the advice of an Archdeacon (mostly a good thing to do if you are a parish priest) and went exploring in the town. I can see that in slightly warmer temperatures it would be glorious. I marched briskly in order to get warm!

And then it leapt out at me. The wool shop. Irresistible.What could I do but go in? What I didn’t expect to find was a lovely lady at the end of her tether and a friend doing her best to offer comfort. So I unravelled @cnmacscarf to reveal my collar, and proffered tissues. This turned out to be the right thing to do. A chat, a hug, and some laughter later, I left, with wool. Blue and twinkly. Best get knitting!

Distance: up and down the High Street
Time: just under an hour. Well, about half an hour walking, if I’m honest
Apologies offered to local parish for muscling in to their patch: none
Purchases – 500g of wool!


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