#Janathon Day 22 – Nearly Proper

IMG_4379I nearly drove. I had one envelope to deliver, and it was already 4pm. I very nearly got in the car. But then the spirit of Janathon nudged me, I put on the splint, and got going. The envelope was duly delivered, the dog walker who thinks I’m incompetent with gloves congratulated me on managing to find a matching pair, and I knocked on a couple of doors of folk I thought might appreciate the sight of a collar.

Well, none of the doors got slammed in my face – I caught up with folk, had a rather good idea waved at me in one place, and then a rather good idea presented to me at another.

According to run keeper I’ve walked 4.13 miles, which is utter tripe. It was about 2 miles, in my estimation, which seems to agree well with google maps. Bemused. But either way, it’s more than I’ve done recently, which is a result in itself.

Today’s top tip: when the toddler group leader tells you that it doesn’t matter if the toddlers eat a bit of the play snow, because it isn’t toxic, don’t taste it. Wait for her to tell you it’s a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and hair conditioner. I have the glossiest, shiniest tongue now!


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