#Janathon Day 23 – for @caninegoldfish

IMG_4386Today’s Janathon was a jaunt of two parts – firstly a walk to the doctor’s and back this morning (which counts because I could have driven and then carried straight on to my lunch destination).  Today has been a welcome day off, and so after a slow start, I was surprised to find that despite the sun, it was still perishing cold.

IMG_4384The urge to take loads of photos was huge, but after indulging myself, I remembered that I actually had an appointment to get to!

I love the way my hedge twines itself through the iron railings of the old Rectory garden (my rectory was built in the grounds of the Old Rectory, and so I’ve got a rather beautiful set of old iron railings. In fact, when the hedge was cut back hard, we found the old back gate out from the garden to the church. We don’t need it, but I’m quite tempted to reinstate it, just so I can walk in the footsteps of my predecessors.

IMG_4389This evening, remembering my promise to @caninegoldfish, Darling Daughter and I took him for a virtual walk. We wrapped up warm (I do enjoy knitting with this particular wool, even though its use is a bit limited to scarves, hats, tea cosies, hot water bottle covers….) and set off for the castle. Now, Spot had requested a gentle meander, so we paused to see how someone was getting on, and had a bit of a warm by his fire. But then we walked off up the track to the castle. We may have spent too long by the fire, because the view was somewhat limited. Not sure if you’ll be able to make out what we could just about see.  In fact, it’s a good job Spot is so ell behaved, and loathe to go far, because if he had gone off, I fear we would never have found him. But all was well, and we came back through the medieval grid pattern of streets, where we lit a fire, and settled on the sofa.


The view Spot, DD and I had of the castle


So if Spot isn’t to be found at home, give me a shout, because he may just be lurking next to me on a cushion!





5 responses to “#Janathon Day 23 – for @caninegoldfish

  1. My Janathon consisted of being setter upper and taker downer for our Monthly Lunch Club, interspersed with hosting, making & serving tea and coffee or squash, Chatting, serving food & desert and getting to sit with new people to eat and chat. Moving half a dozen tables & 90 chairs isn’t light work. This very social activity, was followed with 45 minutes with an Osteopath, who worked, pulled or manipulated every muscle group in my arms, legs and back (routine MOT on permanently prolapsed lumbar discs) which to say the least drew the odd OOH or Ouch. And so home to lovely spouse and collapse. Couldn’t quantify how far I walked to and fro or how much I lifted and carried, but I do know that the osteopath was a blessing as all of the tight muscles are released, if a little achy.

    This Janathon business is OK, but sometimes I can also be painful 🙂

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