#Janathon Day 24 – PARTY

No, I’m not about to explain the title. You will have to be patient. Very patient. Suffice it to say that today’s Janathon consistent of an extra circuit of Marlborough’s rather lovely High Street. And although we didn’t find what we needed there, the place inspired Darling Daughter and I, and all is progressing nicely……

Number of people speaking with Projection and Received Pronunciation: many
Number of very helpful people: three, no, on reflection, five.
Amount of coffee consumed: Not as much as I thought I’d need


4 responses to “#Janathon Day 24 – PARTY

  1. Sounds a good day. My #janathon consisted of 1.5 hours hoovering the Church – came home dripping wet to the bath. Hard work as we have electricians in renewing our power (having done the lighting since November) and despite their efforts to clean up after them, there’s white plaster everywhere of the walls and screws, washers and clippings of wire everywhere as well. Why in the central aisle and pews I can’t fathom as most of the work is going on around the perimeter walls?

  2. You live in/near Marlborough??? Please tell me that you buy lardy cake from the bakers on the left hand side of the market road, (back to the public school, I think). If you don’t, please do. and if you want to send me some I will forward my address. This is the best in the world. Lordy, but I am almost fainting from the memory of how delicious it is.

    • Stephen we live fairly near, but don’t often go there. Now I have had your hint about lardy cake, we may be more frequent visitors! Happy to post some on to you….

  3. Ah, yes, Marlborough. I spent 5 years there rather more than half a lifetime ago. The High Street hasn’t changed much since then.
    But in my day we were much more interested in the 16 pubs (then) that were within walking distance of The College šŸ˜€
    And I *wasn’t* one of the ones speaking with Projection & RP šŸ˜‰

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