#Janathon Day 28 – Cleansed

It was a great coffee which turned into lunch, and I had a beautiful drive home across sunny Salisbury Plain. I got home, got out of the car, and spotted the fatal flaw in washing the lights and number plate. My poor car looked utterly filthy. So instead of walking, I got out the bucket, cloth and hosepipe, and cleaned the car. As Janthon efforts go it’ll have to do!


One response to “#Janathon Day 28 – Cleansed

  1. I once took my own car to an exercise on Salisbury Plain, about 7 years ago. We were based at Imber and I had to take it cross country to get there. No problem, but the mud got onto and into the car and my nice Red fiesta looked like a nice Brown Fiesta when I left.

    When I got home, I must have washed 20 Kg of Salisbury Plain off onto our garden – so, there is reddish soil, mixed in with good Kentish soil in North Kent now. Don’t tell the Wiltshire folk, or they’ll accuse me of illegal export of their mud 🙂

    Hope you managed to get the muck off, without getting too mucky yourself. But, if you’re anything like my Jen, she’s never happier than when she’s covered in mud and muck from the garden – I need to hose her down before she comes in 🙂

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